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​You stay home.
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In our beloved city of Philadelphia, from October 2020 to September 2022, landlords operating any rental property within the city limit will be required to obtain a lead certificate or acquire/renew a rental license (regardless of whether
children under six years of age occupy the property). Help us help you by contacting our group to service your needs

Water Samples

How to Test For Lead in your Environment

Lead is a toxic metal that is common in our lived environment, particularly in paint and soil (which can convert to dust) in older neighborhoods. The presence of lead in water is a growing concern among many people. Lead may also exists in many household items such as dishware, toys, spices, and cosmetics.

This page is written for people looking to test for the presence of lead around them. For information on the chemical and analytical methodologies (aka: the science) behind these testing options.

Basic Information about Lead

Basic Information about Lead

EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agree that there is no known safe level of lead in a child's blood. Lead is harmful to health, especially for children.  

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